Wenoka dive knife

Wenoka dive knife: my opinion

Two years ago I bought Wenoka dive knife for my diving trip. For two years, I have been very pleased with the quality of this dive knife. At the time of purchase I was a freshman in spear fishing and had no idea for what I need the knife. The seller was very attentive and helped me make the right choice. He showed me a lot of different knives. However, wenoka dive knife I liked the most.

The knife, which I purchased attracted me with its high level of security. Knife blade was put forward a slight clenching grip. This is a huge plus for any diver. You can open the blade in any required situation and close it when you need it. This safety system also helps not to cut gear and do not injure yourself. You can use a knife under water and on land for sure :)

This wenoka dive knife also has a special mounting system. With the belt, you can mount it on your leg and get it when you need. This device is useful in cases where you do not want to keep the knife in your hand. For divers who prefer to keep the knife in hand the knife is also very convenient. I never thought that, even with gloves may hold a knife. This knife does not slip, and fits tightly in your hand.

wenoka dive knife

Wenoka dive knives can be both steel and titanium dive knives. But mine knife’s blade was made from 304 stainless steel alloy. This protects it from rust. You will not spend a lot of time bringing it into the order. At the same time, you will need to sharpen the knife frequently. The characteristics of the knife to treat him good price compared with other knives. The loss of the wenoka dive knife for you not to be a problem to buy another one. Among the cutters use huge popularity. I had seen it among my friends who are addicted to diving. Almost every one of them has this knife as a constant or as a backup.

The wenoka dive knife is very good for spear fishing. At the same time, it can be used for cutting fishing line or algae. A wenoka dive knife made of sharp tip-side edge. Blade of the knife is 4,5 and overall length of the knife of 9,5. Which is very convenient for those who like spear fishing. Until today, I have not had any problems with the use of a this dive knife. I just continue to enjoy the use and wish you the same thing. For me it was the best dive knife. By purchasing wenoka dive knife you will not regret a purchase.

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