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How to chose the best dive knife?

One of the hardest tasks for a diver is the right choice of a dive knife. Knife – important element of the equipment of each submarine hunter. It is indispensable both during the hunt, and during normal dives. You never know when it will prove useful. Do not forget to tell Jacques-Yves Cousteau well-aimed sentence about the need for a knife: “The knife does not need you a thousand times, and the thousand and first will save your life.”

The choice of knives is huge. Dive knives are produced in large amounts of styles and sizes, and it is difficult to choose the best dive knife. Dive knives differ from normal in the main type of metal used in their manufacture, as well as the design of handles and scabbards. What kind of knife is best for you? What knife is the best dive knife for you? How to make a choice and do not make a mistake?

blunt tip best dive knife

The first step is to draw attention to the shape of a knife. Choose the shape of the knife to draw attention to the tip of a knife. The end of the knife is blunt or pointed, i.e. wenoka dive knife. The blunt end of a knife can be used to verify the shells on the bottom or other objects without causing damage to the underwater world. The knives with sharp ends are using for spear fishing. It is important to pay attention to the straight edge or serrated edge. Serrated edge sharp is longer and is cleared more easily cut hard objects. The best option – it is the presence of straight edge and serrated edge at the same time in one knife.

No less important characteristic is the size of the knife. The large size of the knife is not a good one for all. It is very convenient for people with the great physique. Medium-sized knives, but rather about 4 inches are most common among divers. Be careful if you decide to buy a knife of a small size. It is important that the knife fits comfortably in your hand. It Has to be not too big or not too small.

Among the materials from which are made knives popular stainless steel and titanium dive knives. Choosing a stainless steel blade, note the number of the alloy. It relates to how small is the number of the alloy, against the greater protection from rust. There are 300 in series-400 series alloys. Stainless steel requires more careful attention from the diver. After each dive to clean the blade with a dry cloth and apply silicone or oil. Titanium is a worthy competitor to the knife. The cost of a titanium knife above, but the quality is clearly responsible price. Titanium knife will save you time.

We wish you a successful spear fishing and the correct choice of a knife that will satisfy your needs and will be the best dive knife for you.

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