Dive knife

What is a dive knife?

Dive knife is a specialized knife or a dagger, used in recreational or professional diving (diving with devices that provide breathable air). Diving knife doesn’t seems to be a weapon. It is used as a tool during diving operations, explorations of various objects and as well as a means of self-salvation (such as entanglement in fishing nets). Diving knives are in the list of required equipment for scuba operations among open-circuit scuba,  face mask, buoyancy compensator, etc.

There could be some requirements for dive knife, such as:

  • Requirements on especially safe held in the hand, including in the glove;
  • Requirements for corrosion-resistant material of the blade and other elements of the blade. All knives should be kept sharp as well;
  • Requirements for a material of a handle. It should be made of plastic, hard rubber, or waterproofed wood. Handles of bone or cork are useless as these materials disintegrate rapidly in salt water;
  • Requirements for general structural strength, including bending;
  • Requirements for secure fixation of a knife in a sheath;
  • Requirements for serviceability and multivariate fixing of the dive knife on the body, supplies and materials (such as a buoyancy compensator or the tibia on the inside of leg);
  • Requirements for serviceability and multivariate fixing of the dive knife on the body, equipment and materials (such as a buoyancy compensator or the tibia on the inside of a leg);
  • Requirements for saw-toothed edge in order to cut wet ropes, cables, nets, etc.

All the requirements are usefull while chosing a best dive knife for you.

Here you can see a typical dive knife.

typical dive knife, diving knife

Types of a diving knife

As you see for diving there are several types of dive knives available.

Now you have a chance to recognize which dive knife is perfect for you. Today variety is good enough for professional divers or for beginners, for man or woman. Choice depends only on your preferences.Blades are measured in inches, which is equal to 2.54 cm. Pay attention to your safety while you’re making your choice and draw attention on the size.All types of diving knive we can divide into three categories.

Large size diving knife (over 5-inch blade) is preferred by people of large build, beacause it’s not a hunting. Preferences in making the choise should be guided by convenience rather than external awesome views.

Medium size diving knife (4-5-inch inch blade) is a knife, which represent itmself as the most popular among divers. This size is very easy to use and it allows you to feel comfortable even if you are a beginner.

Mini zise diving knife (2-3-inch inch blade) is sufficiently safe and its easy to use it as well as with gloves. By usıng small one you may even forget about the worries and quietly continue your journey under the water.

Shape of a dive knife

steel dive knife, diving knifeAnother feature for overlooking dive knives is their shape. Here, you have to make a decision for what purpose you need your knife – for spear fishing, digging or finally for cutting natural fiber rope and kelp? For spear fishing your choice has to be made for sharp tip-side edge. For other purposes such as prying, digging, hacking or chiseling you may choose blunt tip dive knife. Furthermore among other benefits of the blunt tip knife important place belongs to the safety of this tool.

Straight edge is the best one for monofilament fishing line and nylon rope. We cannot say the same about serrated edges dive knife which is useful for cutting natural fiber rope and kelp. Line-cutting notch is another type of diving knives’ shape which is used for cutting small lines.

Of course by having more experience and being more exciting your collection of knives will increase. Related to that some of diving knives you will use for specific needs.

Material of a dive knife

When it comes to make your choice about material of a dive knife you have to remember that diving knives are usually made from two types of material such as stainless steel and titanium. Stainless steel in it’s turn is divided into two groups.

First one is made from 300-series alloy, which provides more corrosion resistant. The time you are taking care of your diving knife you may have to spend for sharpen a knife. What is more insusceptible to corrosion and as well preserves sharp edges for a long time – it is a knife made from 400-series alloy. Do not forget that with this type of dive knife you will spend some time on rinsing with fresh water and drying outside of it’s sheath after every immersion but less time on sharpening blades.

Another material using for diving knives is titanium. The absence of carbon in titanium dive knife blade makes them almost completely rustproof and corrosion resistant.

How to chose a diving knife

Choosing a dive knife from a huge variety of them has to be very difficult. A dive knife is the most important tool for safety and as well for utility, like a wenoka dive knife. While choosing a dive knife the most important thing is to choose one that will fit the type of diving you’re going to do most often.

Whether you have already decided what knive you are going to buy or not please practice sheathing and unsheathing with your dive knife in order to do it safely underwater while diving. According to requirements listed above you will have to unsheath your knife without any trouble.

First think of the type of diving you are doing, choose the most suitable option for you (dive knive’s shape and material), meet the requirements listed above and you will be able to choose the best dive knife for you.

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